vaccinations in the pharmacy

What is a vaccination?

Vaccinations are among the most effective measures to prevent infectious diseases. Through immunization, the body forms antibodies against the virus or bacterium and is thus able to fight the virus or bacterium immediately if the body comes into contact with it at a later stage. In most cases this results in no or only a weakened infectious disease.

Vaccinations in the Adler pharmacy

In the Adler Pharmacy 5 pharmacists are licensed to administer the vaccinations. As a customer you have the possibility to register for a vaccination at the pharmacy at any time. Usually an immediate vaccination is also possible.
Before the vaccination can be carried out, a health questionnaire is taken together. We will discuss whether the time is suitable for the vaccination. As soon as all the formalities are completed, we go to a specially equipped consultation room with a comfortable couch.
Always remember to take your vaccination booklet with you. We can document your vaccination there.
We do not currently offer Covid-19 vaccinations.
Active vaccinationIn an active vaccination, the body is injected with a live attenuated vaccine or a dead vaccine. These pathogens are not capable of causing an infectious disease. Over the next few days, the body produces antibodies and memory cells that are able to remember the appropriate immune response and react very quickly as soon as contact with a pathogen occurs.

Passive vaccination

Passive vaccination is used when there is a risk that the person could suffer a serious infectious disease. The best example of this is the rabies vaccination. If a person has been bitten by a wild animal and has not been vaccinated so far, he or she is given blood serum, which already has antibodies against the pathogen in a high concentration.

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