Website & Usability

Technical details of the website

All connections/visits to are SSL-encrypted and cannot be tapped by anyone. This means that all entries and all product requests are confidential.
Passwords are only encrypted by us and saved using starkem&langem "Salt", which uses the highest security standards - this means that your password is never visible to us and thus cannot be misused or stolen.
Our server is located in Switzerland in a colocation centre which can only be accessed using a keycard. Our server is updated regularly, constantly monitored and is not subject to unauthorised access.
This shop and all related pages were fully programmed and designed by Panaxis GmbH, that is to say they represent an in-house development with the help of open libraries such as Symfony, jQuery, Smarty, Twig and many other open source libraries for PHP.
This website was created and will be maintained in the future by Panaxis GmbH. If you have technical concerns or are interested in a website or shop system, please contact

Text database

The text on our website is created by our copywriters. The text was exclusively created by experts.

Use of images in ads

For our ads on our website, we use licensed images from adobe and Fotolia. The licences can be viewed at any time.