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Adler Pharmacy Winterthur – Tradition & Innovation

The Adler Pharmacy was founded in Winterthur in 1839 and has been located at the Untertor at the entrance to the Old Town for over 180 years. The owner-managed traditional company still produces over 30 products from cough syrup to hand creams and wound healing ointments in its own factory.
Florian Meier, a Swiss Federal Pharmacist ETH, made his dream of owning his own pharmacy come true in 2009 and took over the Adler Pharmacy as successor to Dr. Urs Reinhard. As a young pharmacist, he brought his ideas into the business and expanded the Adler Pharmacy over time with the online shop and Pillenpacker AG (drug blistering).
The Adler pharmacy is equipped with modern facilities and has a newly equipped laboratory, a clean room for Pillenpacker AG and a goods robot. In the summer of 2019, the conversion on the ground floor was completed. Customers can now see part of the manufacture in the sales room. In addition, the range of complementary medicine was expanded and a corresponding product world for complementary medicine was created at the Manufacture.
The entire team is committed to providing excellent quality advice on a daily basis. Friendliness and friendship as well as individual therapy measures, including products manufactured by the pharmacy itself, are the daily demands.
"As a pharmacist I like to work with people and it is my personal claim to always be able to offer excellent advice. Sometimes there is even a wonderful customer relationship, then I am always happy to see familiar faces again!
Florian Meier.
In July 2020 Mr Meier handed over the Adler Pharmacy to the Galenicare Group in order to devote himself to smaller innovative projects in the healthcare sector in the future.

Online shop and mail order licence

In June 2011, we acquired an authorisation from the cantonal therapeutic products inspection authorities to ship medicines. All order processes and safety measures have been thoroughly checked (and are regularly re-checked). So you can be sure that we always work seriously and responsibly. View mail order license
You don't have to rely on our judgement - we are represented with a dealer profile at top prices and strive for the highest customer satisfaction. As we are open 365 days a year, you can always reach us by phone or visit us in Winterthur.

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