Pharmacy drugs

Click & collect yes / shipping only on prescription

You can buy or pick up pharmacy products at the pharmacy without a prescription, but according to the current legal regulations we need a prescription from a doctor to send them to you.
You can order these medicines and then pick them up in Winterthur. For shipping, however, we require a valid prescription from a doctor licensed in Switzerland, as well as a completed and signed health data sheet.
health data sheet Gesundheitsdatenblatt(only needs to be sent with the first order of a pharmacy or prescription drug) to the following address:
Adler Apotheke
Abt. Versand:
Untertor 39 / Bahnhofplatz 2
8400 Winterthur

dispatch & invoicing

If the ordered medicine is covered by your health insurance company, we can charge you for the preparation at the expense of your health insurance company. For the settlement via your health insurance company we need a copy of your insurance card with front and back. Please note that we can only deliver free of charge from 100 SFr. onwards, otherwise we will charge you the postage of 6.90 SFr. separately.

drugs requiring cold chain

Please note that we do not dispatch any medicines requiring a cold chain (e.g. insulin etc.) by mail order

orders from abroad

Please note that our mail-order pharmacy cannot carry out orders abroad . The delivery address must always be a Swiss address.

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