Healthy slimming without jojo effect

This time it should really work! This time the kilos should tumble and there are no snacks in between. And at the latest with the shopping man or woman is again confronted with the delicacies. Then it's time to stay strong and buy healthy and above all the right food. In this way a yo-yo effect can be avoided when losing weight and the weight can be reduced in the long term. Learn in this article from our experts how you can lose weight in a healthy way and keep your new desired weight.

Food and nutrients

Food contains different nutrients:
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
Many of them are essential building blocks that our body cannot produce itself, which is why we are dependent on food intake. On the one hand, these building blocks are necessary for the different organs and structures of the body to function properly. On the other hand, they supply the body with energy. The energy is needed for different building, dismantling and rebuilding processes, which take place continuously in our organism. How much energy a person needs daily depends on various factors, such as gender, age, movement and lifestyle.

Why do we gain weight at all?

If the body receives more energy in the form of calories from food than it can utilize for its metabolic processes, this energy is stored in the form of small lipid droplets in the fat deposits of the body. Slowly the unwelcome fat pads become visible. In the past, in times of hunger, the body was able to access these deposits, which means that the metabolic pathways run even if we do not consume any energy for a while. Since there is no more famine in our countries today, this storage function of the body is often a small evil for many people.

A gain in weight does not automatically mean more fat

However, the increase in fat tissue is not the only reason why the body gains mass and thus weight. The formation of muscle mass through sport also leads to an increase in weight, which in comparison even weighs more than the fat tissue. But also diseases that lead to water retention (so-called "edema") also increase the weight. Thus, weight gain is usually not only influenced by eating habits, but it also contributes to them.

What is the "right weight"?

The most common and widely used formula for estimating one's own weight is the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Formula BMI

The BMI is calculated from the ratio of the body weight in kilograms and the body height in meters to the square:
BMI = body weight / (height)²

How meaningful is the BMI?

According to an international classification, the BMI can be used to determine whether you are underweight, normal or overweight.
However, this information should be treated with extreme caution. As already mentioned, muscles have a greater weight per volume than fat. This could lead to a slim, healthy athlete being wrongly diagnosed with obesity. These values should be taken as a guideline, not as an absolute yardstick, to diagnose a possible underweight or overweight.

An alternative to the BMI?

The fat distribution of the body is much more meaningful than the pure body weight to determine whether the body has a too high fat content.
The technical language is referred to as the "Waist-to-hip Ratio". The waist circumference is divided by the hip circumference. A value below 0.8 corresponds to the pear shape, which is usually found in women. A value above 1.0 corresponds to the apple shape. The latter value clearly shows that the fat is mainly in the abdominal cavity, also called "visceral fat". Since an increased accumulation of this abdominal fat often occurs together with certain diseases, this should be kept as low as possible.
Despite all these formulas that help determine the ideal weight, it should not be forgotten that the "right weight" is often simply the feel-good weight. If you feel comfortable in your skin and can move as you like, then you don't have to reduce your weight. Unless it was expressly recommended by a doctor.

Is there a miracle cure for slimming?

Eight at the front: A miracle cure that lets the kilos tumble without doing anything, unfortunately, does not exist. But there is already a box of tricks, which offers little helpers. In addition to prescription appetite suppressants, which are usually only prescribed for patients with severe obesity, there are also dietary supplements that support weight loss. They have a supportive effect by, for example, reducing the intake of fats from the diet and promoting their excretion. This reduces the amount of new energy available to the body through food. On the one hand less fat is stored in the tissue and on the other hand already existing fat depots of the body are used for energy production.

Nutritional change - really so important?

Yes we don't like to hear it, but the most important point in the fight against weight gain and for permanent weight loss is a change in diet. This requires a lot of discipline, but soon you will be rewarded with first results and a better quality of life. If the proportion of carbohydrates per meal is reduced and more vegetables are eaten, the matter can be tackled particularly effectively. In addition, many foods contain more fat than is clear at first glance. In order to lose weight permanently, you should not take more than 30 grams of it per day. Care should also be taken that the healthy unsaturated fatty acids are represented under it. These affect positively on the health and hold the Cholesterinspiegel in the Lot.

The diet is everything - and sweets are still allowed

Fibrous matter

The dietary fibres are plant constituents that are indigestible or difficult to digest. They pass through the gastrointestinal tract without being absorbed by the body. Together with water they swell up and the stomach is filled. This reduces the feeling of hunger. However, the desire for sweets is unfortunately not taken away with it.

White before red meat

Fish and especially "white meat" like chicken breast has only little fat and provides the body with important vitamins and nutrients.

Protein-rich food

Who sets increased on protein-rich food does its line likewise good. The following protein-rich foods can be built into the diet: Fish, white meat, cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt, eggs or low-fat quark.

A sweet little something is in it

In principle, sweets do not have to be completely dispensed with. Because the quantity is decisive. Anyone who divides a bar of chocolate into two weeks is better off than those who eat only lettuce and go for chocolate and crisps during hot hunger phases.

Drink a lot

Many of us drink too little and find it difficult to bring ourselves to drink more. Nevertheless, water is the elixir of life for our bodies. If sweet drinks are replaced by water, a lot of calories can easily be saved. In addition, several studies have shown that a glass of water before a meal helps to eat less at once. Water is not an appetite suppressant, but there is already volume in the stomach. Do you find it difficult to drink water without any aroma? Then try a lemon slice or fresh mint in a carafe. Or put on a larger amount of tea in the morning and let the tea get cold. Many teas taste excellent when cold. Only sugar should be avoided to sweeten the tea.

General Tips

  • Avoid diets that promise high weight loss in record time. Often these lead to the so-called "yo-yo effect", whereby after the end of the diet the weight gain can be more than ever before. In order to finally maintain the desired weight, the kilos should rather tumble slowly, but steadily. We do not recommend more than 1 kilogram per week.
  • Most of the time you not have the overview , how much you eat during the day. Keeping a Eventbook can help to analyse your eating behaviour. Thus it can be recognized where the weaknesses lie and thus be shortened in the correct place. It is not necessary to give up small snack sins completely, one should be able to enjoy delicious chocolate or popcorn in the cinema. However, these should be reduced to a minimum.
  • Sport and exercise are very important for long-term weight loss. Usually one cannot avoid this new change. It doesn't have to be a fitness subscription. Even simple things in everyday life can be a beginning. Next time take the stairs instead of the lift or if you are travelling by public transport, get off one station earlier and walk the rest. The nice side effect is that it strengthens the muscles and prevents flaccid body tissue.
  • Avoid You should several meals a day. This causes the insulin level to rise continuously. However, the body can only tap into its own fat deposits when the insulin level drops again. Therefore it is better to eat two to three rich, but healthy and balanced meals than five small dishes.
  • Lack of sleep or sleep disturbances confuse the hormonal system of our body. As a result, hunger is stimulated, the feeling of satiety is reduced and fat burning is not stimulated enough. Seven to eight hours of restful sleep therefore also means that you tend to stay slim.
  • Weight loss can also be caused by medications or preparations. The fat or the carbohydrates are not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and thus do not get into the body circulation. As a result, these nutrients are excreted directly and cannot be stored in the form of energy in the fat deposits.

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