Important contact points in an emergency

During the opening hours of the Adler Pharmacy you can visit us directly or call us on 052 269 08 51.

Exception: dispensing of prescription drugs without a doctor's prescription

Dispensing of medicines without a doctor's prescription: In certain medical emergencies, we can issue an emergency prescription for a prescribed drug on List B at the pharmacy. For example, for the continuation of long-term medication for up to a maximum of one year (bring the old pack with you) or in the event of acute danger to your health. For this purpose you must always be present in person at the pharmacy.

Emergency service 24h

The pharmacy emergency service in Winterthur is organised between 22.00 and 7.00 in the morning via the "Pharma-Taxi" service. Call the advice and emergency number 0900 55 35 55. The medicines will be delivered to your home free of charge (if a doctor's prescription is available).

Important telephone numbers

  • Sanity144
  • poisoning emergencies145
  • Police117
  • fire brigade118
  • Offered hand143
  • Rescue Air Rescue Service (REGA)1414
  • Tropical Institute061 284 81 11
  • Telmed0844 844 911

numbers for Winterthur

  • City Police052 267 51 52
  • Cantonal Police052 268 52 22
  • Kantonsspital Winterthur052 266 21 21
  • emergency service doctors052 203 00 00
  • emergency service pharmacies0900 55 35 55 (1.50/ min. from fixed network)
  • women's telephone052 213 61 61
  • poisoning emergencies044 251 51 51


Answer the following questions in case of an alarm.
Who and how many people are affected?
Where is the scene of the accident?
When did the event occur?
What happened?