Swiss apples against wrinkles

The farmers of the Uttwil apples have known it for a long time: This underestimated apple variety has a lot to offer. The special thing about these apples is that they can be stored for an amazingly long time without shrinking. Experts were able to extract the effect of these apples in the laboratory, and since then there have been so-called "stem cell extracts", which are used in cosmetics.
Dr. Fuchs, today a renowned dermatologist, was already interested in cosmetics as a child. It was soon clear that he would later study to realize his dream as a dermatologist. Today Dr. Fuchs is the founder of Swiss Skin Power AG and its brand "Embyou".

Apples, Alpine Roses and Gamma PGA

These are three of Embyou's main active ingredients. As a dermatologist, Dr. Fuchs knows exactly what belongs in a good facial care and what does not. Plant stem cells protect and regenerate our own skin cells. For this reason they are used in various areas and are also becoming more and more popular in anti-aging care. Gamma PGA is a powerful moisturizer. According to Dr. Fuchs, Gamma PGA is even more effective than hyaluronic acid, as it can store several times its own volume of moisture.

Multi-talented for man and woman

Those who use Embyou products do not have to incorporate complicated care routines into their everyday life. The combination of active ingredients in the products has been so cleverly devised that moisture, protection and anti-aging effects are not neglected. What more does a woman want? By the way, Dr. Fuchs' skin care line is not only suitable for women. Men can use it equally well. Because the dermatologist knows that even in the age of the highly praised George Clooney, men would like to do something about the first signs of skin aging.

Effective, simple & time saving

No question: Extensive care rituals in the morning and also in the evening before going to bed are great! But do we really take the time for it? For Dr. Fuchs it was clear: His cosmetic line should be simple and yet highly effective. Because only if a skin care product is really used regularly can it work optimally. And that's why simplicity is a must. A day and night cream form the basis. There is also a care product for the eye area and a serum as an active ingredient booster. A cleansing gel rounds off the already complete line. By the way, the packaging was not left to chance either. The dispensers used are so-called "airless dispensers". This is currently the safest packaging option against bacterial contamination. The products are manufactured in Switzerland.

Embyou product line

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