Dr. Duenner - From Switzerland for Health

The products of Floradix or Luvos can be found in every pharmacy or drugstore. The company Dr. Dünner is the distributor of these two brands. Beside the selling of products the company manufactures in addition, food auxiliary means. Swiss quality and therefore also Switzerland as a production location are of great importance to Dr. Dünner. In contrast to many other dietary supplements, these products could hardly be more Swiss. These products therefore enjoy a good reputation abroad and have a notable name.

Who's Dr. Dünner?

The Dr. Dünner company was founded in 1948 by Dr. Helene Dünner and is still family-owned today. Besides Floradix and Luvos, Dr. Dünner also distributes the brands Schoenenberger and Sanotint. These and the own manufactured products of Dr. Dünner are available in the Swiss specialized trade. The Swiss company is internationally active and sells its products in over 20 different countries. The Japanese like for example the Sambu Holundersirup to strengthen the immune system, very gladly. The areas of application of the self-manufactured products range from preparations for the immune or nervous system to beauty products to strengthen hair and nails. The company itself does not describe natural history as an enemy of orthodox medicine but as its partner.


All products from Dr. Dünner are purely herbal and intended for self-help. Most of the herbs and medicinal plants come from Switzerland, if possible in organic quality. The trading partners are small farmers. Plants that do not grow in Switzerland are purchased abroad, but organic quality is also taken into account there and small farms are selected. Dr. Dünner also pays fair prices to the trading partners. All phases of production take place in Switzerland. This also includes quality control, which is carried out by independent bodies. All deliveries of goods are subjected to an inspection so that all raw materials can be traced back to their origin. Dr. Dünner combines traditional medicine, such as medieval monastic medicine, with the latest scientific findings. The knowledge about picking, drying and storing is handed down from generation to generation. Whole plants or whole parts of plants are always used. This enables the company to guarantee that secondary plant substances are also obtained.

Fascinating Swiss

Dr. Dünner made a conscious decision in favour of the Swiss production site and Swiss ingredients. Switzerland is known for its stability, safety, self-determination and its pronounced sense of quality and perfection. This is what Dr. Dünner wants to stand for. In addition, the living conditions in the Swiss Alps are almost perfect for most medicinal plants.

That's what Dr. Dünner advocates

Dr. Dünner is aware of her social and economic responsibility. They assume their social responsibility through fair wages for all, the payment of fair prices and assistance in setting up social facilities. By striving for a CO2-neutral energy balance, Dr. Dünner contributes to global climate protection. The company obtains its electricity from hydropower plants in the Swiss Alps and therefore from 100% renewable resources. Dr. Dünner also has partnerships with organisations that protect nature and animals.

BiosphereSwiss - Guaranteed pure and natural

In Switzerland there are many different places with the best conditions for growing herbs. Mostly they are untouched landscapes, quiet side valleys or sun-exposed mountain mats. A prominent cultivation area lies in the Entlebuch biosphere and enjoys the special protection of Unesco. Dr. Dünner cooperates with a farm in this area. The Swiss medicinal herbs come mainly from certified organic farms. The BiosphereSwiss product line stands for safety and transparency.

EssenzaVita - Recipes with a history

In Europe monasteries already exchanged plants, recipes and preparations in the early Middle Ages and handed down their knowledge. The monks and nuns succeeded in making some medicinal plants native north of the Alps. Over time, the recipes passed from the monasteries to the up-and-coming universities. The product line EssenzaVita therefore also stands for traditional recipes.

PhytoWorld - Best plants from best origin

Our earth is large and the greater the plant diversity, the greater the chance of new discoveries. Many peoples have their own effective recipes which Dr. Dünner tries to discover all over the world. For this reason, Dr. Dünner cooperates with universities, research laboratories and non-governmental organizations. If raw materials are purchased abroad, the goods are purchased on fair terms. The PhytoWorld product line stands for respect and fairness.

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