Protection from the coronavirus

In the last few weeks we have felt the uncertainty of our customers regarding the Covid-19 issue and have compiled the most frequently asked questions and our answers.

Wash your hands or disinfect

The virus can be easily combated with soap - any solid or liquid soap is suitable. It is important that hands are washed for at least 30 seconds so that hands including nails can be cleaned clean. If there is no possibility to wash your hands, disinfectants are a good solution (e.g. when shopping or on public transport when no water or soap is available).

Disinfectant for hands / skin

Disinfectants for the hands contain many caring substances to prevent the hands from drying out and have a pleasant scent.

Disinfectant for surfaces

Disinfection products for surfaces are particularly suitable for door handles, work tables, lift buttons and all surfaces that are touched by many people. In contrast to disinfectants for hands, surface disinfectants often do not contain skin-caring ingredients, some of them are even explicitly harmful to the skin.
Our tip: We can recommend the Leucen Hand Disinfection Spray for both hands and surfaces. With an alcohol content of 75%, it has been proven to be effective against corona viruses.

Protective masks

A protective mask can be particularly useful for specialist personnel and high-risk patients, as it provides reliable protection against viruses and can be worn for longer periods of time. We currently offer a certified mask that you can order:

[Continues] How else can I protect myself?

Especially in the current situation we recommend that you pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. Here are the most important points:

- Daily exercise in the fresh air

Treat yourself to a daily walk in the fresh air. This has a positive effect on the immune system and the psyche. It is important to observe the rules of the BAG.

- Balanced and vitamin-rich diet

The following products are suitable as a supplement to a balanced diet:

- Drink plenty

Unsweetened drinks are the most suitable. Here is a selection of fine teas for inspiration.

- Sleep well

Unfortunately, the current topic still occupies many people in the evening and they lie awake in bed wondering how the situation will develop in the future. It is important to take a break from the news about the Corona topic. Maybe you start a little ritual before going to bed with a delicious tea, relaxing music and a good book?

- Strengthen the nasal mucous membrane

The nasal mucosa is our first line of defence when germs enter the body through the nose. An intact nasal mucous membrane protects against pathogenic germs.

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