Treat cellulite: What really helps against orange peel skin (incl. 5 tips)?

What does oestrogen have to do with orange peel skin? And is cellulite inherited or self-inflicted? Unfortunately, there is no cure for cellulite. But we have summarised the important facts about orange peel skin and pass on five tried and tested tips on how to keep the dimples at bay.
Treat cellulite

How does cellulite develop?

Women's connective tissue is made up of parallel fibres. Stretchable spaces exist between these stretchable fibres. Our body naturally stores fat in fat cells for when lean times come our way. These fat cells become visible in the so-called orange peel skin because the connective tissue can no longer hold the fat cells in the subcutis. The impression may arise that cellulite decreases with less fat. However, this is only partly the case. If the cellulite is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or by being overweight, the cellulite will decrease when the weight is lost. However, it is basically a phenomenon that can also be found in slim and athletic women. One of the main causes is the structure of the female skin, which promotes these unsightly dimples.

Is cellulite hereditary?

Yes and no. As always, there are various factors that favour the development of cellulite. One important point is the nature of the connective tissue. The strength and elasticity of the connective tissue is inherited and is an important factor in the development of dimples.

What other factors contribute to the development of cellulite?

  • Too little exercise/sport
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption
  • Overweight
  • Hormones

Orange peel skin and oestrogen

People often talk about the female curves around the buttocks and thighs. Among other things, oestrogen is responsible for this. Our body's fat deposits for scanty periods occur mainly in these areas. In addition, oestrogen provides the mentioned elasticity of the female connective tissue. The connective tissue of women is more flexible than that of men. In women the fibres in the connective tissue run parallel, in men the fibres of the connective tissue run in a kind of grid. These different connective tissue structures are also responsible for the fact that women are more prone to cellulite than men. The body cells that store fat tend to be larger in women than in men, which also promotes the development of orange peel skin in women.
Orange peel skin and oestrogen

Difference between cellulite and cellulitis

Technically correct is the term cellulite. Nevertheless, the term cellulitis is strongly anchored in the vernacular. The term cellulitis could cause confusion because the ending "itis" always indicates an inflammatory reaction in the body. This is not the case with cellulite.

Tip No. 1: Sport against cellulite

Sport is our number one tip. Without sport, cellulite will not improve. Sport stimulates the blood circulation of the connective tissue and strengthens the tissue. In addition, it stimulates fat burning and promotes muscle building. The good news for sports shy people is that you don't have to become a sports junkie. It is much more important to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine.
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Leave the car at home for short distances and use the bike or walk
  • Do you travel by public transport? Get off the bus or tram one stop earlier.
  • Make an appointment for sports or a walk (works wonderfully in the current situation)
Sport against cellulite

Tip No. 2: Change your diet for orange peel skin

This point also comes as no surprise. But if the diet is optimised, there is a good chance of improving cellulite. Hydration should also be taken into account. At least 2 litres of fluid a day help to boost the metabolism. Unsweetened drinks are best. If you like a taste, you can also prepare herbal iced tea - it tastes wonderful! Excessive consumption of coffee or alcohol also has a negative effect on the connective tissue, as does nicotine.

Tip no. 3: Massage

A massage on the corresponding areas of the skin promotes blood circulation and helps to purify the tissue. Optimally, such a massage is supported with an oil or a cream against cellulite.

Tip no. 4: Stimulate circulation

The classic massage can be supported by massage aids such as a massage brush or special rollers. These aids stimulate the blood circulation even more due to the mechanical pressure. Before and after the massage, a cream that supports the treatment of cellulite can be applied to the massaged areas. The massage can also be performed dry.
Alternating showers

Tip no. 5: Alternating showers

First warm water, then cold water and repeat this process several times. Start with the feet, then slowly move the shower up to the thighs. It doesn't have to be ice-cold or hot water, the important thing is that you can feel the difference in temperature. Alternating showers should end with cold water.

Body Positivity

The tips described help in combination to a healthier lifestyle and therefore also to less cellulite. However, it is also important to put the images conveyed by advertising into perspective. It is about professional equipment with which blemishes and unevenness can easily be touched up. A differentiated view of advertising in comparison with one's own body is enormously important. Therefore, let us love our body as it is and look for a balanced lifestyle. Because in doing so, we are doing something good for the body as a whole.

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