CAUDALIE - Power of the vine

How it all began

I believe in a greener planet and more sensible cosmetics. I develop the formula of my products for all women who, like me, do not want to choose between effectiveness and naturalness, glamour and environmental awareness.

Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie

The story of Caudalie began in Bordeaux (France), in the Thomas family vineyard in the middle of the vineyards.
"Do you realize you're actually throwing away real treasures?"
This sentence by Professor Joseph Vercauteren in 1993 changed the life of Mathilde. Professor Joseph Vercauteren is one of the world's leading experts on polyphenols and works in the pharmaceutical faculty of Montpellier in France. Since the creation of Caudalie, he has been the scientific contact for the Caudalie Research Center.
Two years later, in 1995, the Caudalie brand was created after a patent was filed on the extraction and stabilization of grape polyphenols.
With the support of pharmacists who believed in Caudalie, Caudalie appeared in some pharmacies in Bordeaux with two creams and food supplements containing grape polyphenols. A year later, Caudalie signed a research agreement with the Faculty of Pharmacy of Bordeaux and set up its own research team. The brand expanded to other pharmacies and added innovative products to the product line.
For the vine extracts used, Caudalie uses vines from the Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy regions.
In 2006, Caudalie decided to remove parabens from all its products. For its facial care products, Caudalie does not use jars to avoid preservatives and to protect the purity of the products.

Now up-to-date

Cleaning + tonic

Deep cleansing - Peeling - Masks

Premier Cru - the crème de la crème

Global Anti Aging
7 years of research and more than 200 trials were necessary to create this effective care, which combines 3 Caudalie patents and the best anti-aging technologies. Since its launch, Premier Cru has received five awards, presented by cosmetic experts.

Resveratrol Lift - Firming Care

The anti-aging solution from the grapevine
Resveratrol from the grapevine is a revolution in anti-aging skin care, it naturally strengthens the firmness and youthfulness of the skin.
200 kg vine shoots = 50 grams of pure resveratrol

Vinosource - pure moisture

Revitalize, nourish
This grape water is rich in active susbtances. Obtained from fresh grapes, like thermal water, it is rich in soothing trace elements and moisturises the skin.

Vinoperfect - Correcting pigmentation

Contains so-called viniferine from the juice of the vine tendril, an effective natural molecule against pigmentation disorders.
Professor Vercauteren has succeeded in isolating a pure and natural active ingredient from the juice of the vine tendril: viniferine, which is extremely effective against skin pigmentation disorders.

Personal hygiene

A natural, nourishing line for the whole body, which smells so pleasant that there is potential for addiction.

Sun protection

No compromises between protecting the skin and our nature

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