Holistic skin care against wrinkles

When another little wrinkle is noticed on the face, women often ask themselves how these fine lines can be concealed. Some tips & tricks with an instant effect are actually available to help conceal the wrinkles. However, there is no way around long-term treatment. Find out which immediate measures help and how further wrinkles can be prevented.
Aging belongs to the natural processes of the body and cannot be averted. However, there are different ways to reduce the external signs. The signs of premature skin aging, which are caused by external factors, can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for young looking skin

1. use sun protection

It has been proven that UV radiation from the sun causes premature skin aging. A healthy skin contains antioxidants to protect the skin. However, prolonged exposure to the sun weakens the protective mechanisms at an early stage. This makes the skin more sensitive and susceptible to disease. In addition, pigment deposits are intensified, resulting in so-called age spots.

2. smoking

Smoking damages the skin through the same mechanism as sun exposure. Here, too, more aggressive radicals are formed, which means that the skin can show signs of ageing at an early stage.

3. maintain pH value in balance

The skin is naturally slightly acidic thanks to the protective acid mantle. If too aggressive cleaning agents are used, we strain the skin by damaging the cell structure and weakening the protective function. The skin may feel dry, hypersensitive or reddened.

4. Beauty Sleep

We already know that stress, an unbalanced diet and sleep deprivation contribute to skin aging. So let's take a breather from time to time.

5. food for the skin

A healthy, balanced diet with little fat, but many high-quality oils and colorful vegetables and fruits. These nutrients form a depot of antioxidants in the skin and thus protect the skin from free radicals, which for example are caused by sun exposure, stress or smoking.

6. The right care ritual

A type-appropriate and gentle cleansing removes make-up residues as well as dirt, grease or dead skin cells. Cleaning twice a day makes it possible for the skin to absorb the subsequent care well.
The tonic or face lotion forms the bridge between cleansing and care. It removes residues of the cleaning products and closes the pores again.
A care product that is specially tailored to the skin type and contains anti-ageing active ingredients helps to minimize existing wrinkles and delay new ones.

Tips from advice against wrinkles

A serum enhances the effect

A serum contains the active ingredients of a care line in a highly concentrated form. It can therefore be combined very well with the existing day or night cream. Important: Always apply the serum before applying the day or night cream.

Always remove make-up

And really make no exception. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and much more sensitive than the rest of the face. Removal of make-up is therefore necessary so that this fine skin can regenerate over the night.

Use eye care

After the eye area has been cleanly removed, use a care cream. There are special care products for the eye area which are tailored to these sensitive skin areas.

Do not use day cream as night cream

Yes, it would be easier. But it would not be cheaper, because we simply need a larger amount of day care. A day care is structured in such a way that it only provides as much moisture as the skin needs, so that there is no feeling of fat on the skin. The night cream, on the other hand, can penetrate deeper skin layers and regenerate the skin overnight.

use scrubs

Scrubs are true all-rounders. They remove dead skin flakes and thus ensure a fresh appearance. In addition, the friction of the pellets stimulates the blood circulation and the cells are better supplied with oxygen.

Products with immediate effect

Sometimes we want to trick a little and conceal our wrinkles immediately. With these little helpers an immediate effect becomes visible.

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