Product picture of Magnesium Biomed Uno 40 granulate bag
Product picture of Magnesium Biomed Uno 40 granulate bagProduct picture of Magnesium Biomed Uno 40 granulate bag

Magnesium Biomed Uno 40 granulate bag

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Magnesium Biomed Uno granulated drink with orange taste contains 300mg magnesium and is a 100% organic magnesium citrate, which is particularly well usable for the organism.

Magnesium - a vital mineral substance

Magnesium is an important mineral that the body cannot produce itself:

  • Contributes to normal functioning of muscles and nervous system
  • Supports electrolyte equilibrium
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Maintains normal mental function
  • Supports the preservation of bones and teeth


1 time daily the contents of a sachet into a glass give, with water fill up (approx. 150ml), well mix and drink. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.


The normal requirement of a person is 300 to 400 mg per day. A magnesium deficiency can result in mild to severe disorders. There is an increased need for magnesium, e.g. during high performance sports, pregnancy, lactation, alcohol abuse and during growth. The daily requirement of magnesium can even double in these situations.


Magnesium citrate, orange fruit powder (fruit content in granules 10.2 %), acidifier (citric acid), acidity regulator (potassium hydrogen carbonate), colouring agent (beta-carotene), flavours (orange, lemon), sweeteners (cyclamate, saccharin).