Product picture of Isostar Long Energy bar cereal-fruit 40g
Product picture of Isostar Long Energy bar cereal-fruit 40g

Isostar Long Energy bar cereal-fruit 40g

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The sports bar with slowly resorbable carbohydrates provides for a sustainable performance maintenance and replenishment of the glycogen stores. The optimal combination of simple and complex carbohydrates supports in particular longer sporting efforts over 90 minutes by a constant energy supply. The contained vitamins B1, B2, B6 and niacin contribute to a normal energy metabolism.


May contain hazelnuts, walnuts, eggs, almonds, celery, lupine, fish or sesame seeds.

Nutritional values (à 100g)

calorific value 395 kcal (1665 kJ), fat 8.9g (of which sugar 6.5g), carbohydrates 73g (of which sugar 30g), protein 4.5g, salt 0.1g, vitamin E 6.2mg, vitamin C 52mg, thiamine 0.88mg, riboflavin 1.1mg, niacin 12mg, vitamin B6 1.3mg


rice, icing sugar, wheat flakes 11.2%, maltodextrin 10%, apricot pieces 8.6% (preservative: sulphur dioxide), plum pieces 6%, vegetable fat (coconut, palm kernel, palm fat and shea butter), fructose 5%, barley flakes, skimmed milk powder, whey product, honey, oats 1. 3%, stabilizer: glycerine, apple cubes 1%, flavour, liquid barley malt, rye flakes, oat flakes, acidity regulators: citric acid, starch, rape oil, glucose, vitamin C, niacin, B6, B1, B2, E (lactose, milk protein), emulsifiers: rape and soya lecithin.