Product picture of Osa Spray Schorf 30ml
Product picture of Osa Spray Schorf 30ml

Osa Spray Schorf 30ml

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The Osa Scab Spray dissolves the annoying scabs on baby's skin, triggered by sensitive baby scalp skin. The spray has a moisturising effect so that the skin remains supple and the healing process is promoted. The dried sebaceous flakes dissolve after about 5-15 minutes. In addition, the preparation contains a double-sided brush with a foam side and a brush side as well as a comb to gently remove the flakes and crusts.

  • Dissolves dandruff after only 5-15 minutes
  • Contains only herbal ingredients
  • Also contains comb and brush
  • Spray


Spray Osa Scab Spray 1-2 times a day, 2 sprays each time, onto the palm of the hand and gently massage onto the affected area. If necessary, the serum can also be applied carefully with the help of a cotton swab.

  • Use the brush to gently loosen the flakes and crusts. In case of severe inflammation and redness, use the brush and comb only under medical supervision.