Product picture of Sos Heat belt + 4 pads
Product picture of Sos Heat belt + 4 pads

Sos Heat belt + 4 pads

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The Sos heat belt has been specially developed to relieve back pain. The heat belt is elastic and adapts optimally to every movement so that everyday life is not affected. Thanks to activated charcoal and iron powder, the heat is activated independently by contact with oxygen, i.e. as soon as the pack is opened.
This therapeutic heat also proves effective for tension and cramps in the lumbar and hip areas, as well as for muscle, joint and back pain. The heat is distributed constantly over the area for 8 hours and penetrates deep into the skin.

  • Heat belt
  • Constant heat for 8 hours
  • For tension, cramps and pain in the joints, muscles and back.
  • With activated charcoal and iron powder
  • With 4 pads


Open the heat pads by hand and do not remove them from the pack until you are ready to use them, so that the heat is not activated prematurely. Then place the heat pads in the belt. Place the belt on the body so that the heat pad is on the affected area. The pads are heated slowly within 30 minutes. After the heat has worn off, discard the pads and supply the belt for the next application.


Iron, activated charcoal, water