Product picture of Hylo Night Eye ointment tube 5g
Product picture of Hylo Night Eye ointment tube 5g

Hylo Night Eye ointment tube 5g

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Hylo Night eye ointment successfully relieves the sensation of burning or itching eyes. As it often occurs when wearing contact lenses or under the influence of air conditioning, wind, cold, strong sunlight, bad air or cigarette smoke. Concentrated vision (e.g. after long screen work, watching television or driving for a long time) can also be the cause of such complaints. Hylo Night eye ointment relieves these symptoms and forms a pleasant, long-lasting protective film on the eyes. The greasy consistency of the ointment leads to a short-term, slight impairment of visual performance. For this reason, driving should be avoided when using the ointment during the day.

  • Eye ointment
  • For dry, irritated eyes
  • With vitamin A
  • Leaves a long-lasting protective film
  • Without preservatives


Apply a strand of Hylo Night eye ointment to the eyes before going to bed.

Tip: Apply one strand into the eye bag and then slowly close the eyes.


  • When applying several applications of eye drops/eye ointments, keep an interval of 30 minutes.
  • Do not drive after applying Hylo Night eye ointment.
  • Shelf life 6 months after opening


1 g HYLO NIGHT® contains 250 I.U. retinol palmitate (vitamin A), thick paraffin, thin paraffin, lanolin and white vaseline.

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