Abtei Nose Free Nasal Spray 20ml

Normally ready for delivery within 1 to 4 weeks. Details

The Abbey Nose Free Nasal Spray is ideal for lightly congested and dry noses. Thanks to the hypertonic formula, a decongestant effect is achieved without any habituation effect as a result. The nasal spray with panthenol gently cleanses and moisturises the nasal mucous membrane and supports the nose during weak periods.

  • Nasal spray
  • For dry and blocked nose
  • Cleanses, moisturises and softens
  • Without habituation effect
  • With panthenol
  • For children from 2 years


Spray Abbey Nose Free Nasal Spray 2 sprays into each nostril as needed. The treatment can be used for up to 30 days in a row.