Similasan Hay Fever Spray Bottle 50ml

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Similasan hay fever spray relieves nasal congestion and improves respiratory function. The spray penetrates deep into the nostrils, flushing away foreign bodies such as allergens, dust and pollen and liquefying mucus. Thanks to the formulation with seawater and carbon dioxide, Similasan hay fever spray does not lead to dependency and can be used throughout the entire hay fever season. In addition, other hay fever preparations can also be used at the same time as the hay fever spray.

  • Hay fever spray for the nose
  • Cleans and relieves congestion
  • With sea water and carbon dioxide
  • Easy to use
  • Without preservatives


If necessary, spray 1 puff (hold for 1-2 seconds) of Similasan hay fever spray into each nostril.


Suitable from 2 years of age.