Ceylor Geschenkbundle Super Woman V-day 1

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The Ceylor Super Woman gift bundle is a package for women consisting of 3 products that contribute to a good sensation in the intimate area.

The Ceylor Fit training ball strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. The balls are easy to insert and cause fine vibrations that serve to stimulate and train the pelvic floor muscles in everyday life. By training this muscle, bladder weakness can be prevented in old age. It also helps the pelvic floor muscles to return to normal after pregnancy.

Ceylor Pure Glide is a natural lubricant for the intimate area that is water-based and has been adapted to the pH value in the intimate area. The lubricant can be used on the already covered condom, as well as on the member during sexual intercourse without a condom.

The Ceylor Love Toy Cleaning Spray is used to clean love toys (made of silicone) before and or after use. The spray needs 10 seconds to work. It can then be dried with a lint-free cloth.

  • For the woman
  • Powerful
  • Natural
  • Cleansing


1x Ceylor Fit Training Ball
1x Ceylor Pure Glide
1x Ceylor Love Toy Cleaning Spray