Product picture of Compeed Anti blister Stick
Product picture of Compeed Anti blister Stick

Compeed Anti blister Stick

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The Compeed Anti-Blister Stick reliably helps to prevent blisters caused by friction. Thanks to hydrogenated vegetable oil, the Anti-Blister Stick cares for the skin and reduces friction and moisture. It forms a kind of sliding film that acts as a protection between the skin and the source of friction. The light film is non-greasy and does not make the feet slippery. Thanks to the invisible protective film, the product is also ideal for open shoes.


  • Apply to the feet or other parts of the body whenever excessive friction is to be prevented.


  • For best results store at below 30 °C. If the stick melts at high temperatures, it can be solidified again by storing it cold.
  • Do not use on already existing bubbles.