Product picture of Medela Harmony Flex Essential Set
Product picture of Medela Harmony Flex Essential Set

Medela Harmony Flex Essential Set

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The hand breast pump is especially suitable for mothers who mainly breastfeed. Because the pump is light and discreet, it is ideal for on the go. The Flex technology allows the breast shield to adapt to the shape of the breast. The milk can therefore be pumped in any position (360 degree rotation).

  • Manual breast pump
  • Simple and small to take with you
  • With Flex technology
  • 360 degree rotatability
  • Light and discreet


Harmony Manual Breast Pump
1x handle
1x Handle with O-ring
1x Harmony Flex connector
1x diaphragm, 1x valve head, 1x valve diaphragm (including spare diaphragm)
1x Breast cap PersonalFit Felx TM, size M
1x 150ml milk bottle with lid
1x bottle holder
4x Safe & Dry TM ultra thin disposable nursing pads
4x breast milk bags
1x Teat S, for feeding the expressed milk
Instructions for use