Product picture of Steriliox Spray 100ml
Product picture of Steriliox Spray 100mlProduct picture of Steriliox Spray 100ml

Steriliox Spray 100ml

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The Steriliox disinfectant spray for the hands works quickly and reliably against viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria and fungi. The alcoholic solution contains essential oils and smells pleasantly fresh.

  • Made in Switzerland.


Apply the disinfectant solution in your hands as required and leave it to work for at least 30 seconds. Use a sufficient amount to keep hands moist during the application period.

Mode of action

Minimum exposure time

Virucide (enveloped viruses, e.g.: influenza, coronavirus)

30 seconds

Bactericide (standard bacteria, MRSA)

30 seconds

fungicide (yeast)

30 seconds


60 seconds

Composition (per 100g)

Minimum 72g ethanol (CAS no. 64-17-5), water, humidifying additives, essential oils.