Product picture of Ceylor Fit Trainballs Liebeskugeln
Product picture of Ceylor Fit Trainballs LiebeskugelnProduct picture of Ceylor Fit Trainballs Liebeskugeln

Ceylor Fit Trainballs Liebeskugeln

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The Ceylor Fit training balls train the pelvic floor muscles and thus protect against bladder weakness, back problems and pelvic pain. Weak pelvic floor muscles can also be the cause of sexual problems.
The ergonomic shape makes it easy to insert vaginally. Thanks to the return strap, the training balls can be safely removed again.


Beginners start with 15 minutes training per day. Advanced users can wear the training balls for up to 60 minutes a day.
To do this, first insert the first ball vaginally, then the second one. If necessary, use lubricant to facilitate insertion. Make sure that the retrieval tape is outside the vagina. After training, remove the balls with the return string. Clean the product thoroughly before and after use.


extra soft silicone, ABS