Product picture of Abtei Magnesium Liquid 8 bottle 30ml
Product picture of Abtei Magnesium Liquid 8 bottle 30ml

Abtei Magnesium Liquid 8 bottle 30ml

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During sports, high physical strain and also with an unbalanced diet, one should ensure a sufficient supply of magnesium. This is an important component of bones and teeth, and it also plays an important role in energy metabolism and in maintaining normal muscle function.

The Abbey Drinking Vials with magnesium are highly dosed and contain 300mg liquid magnesium in citrate quality and vitamin B6. The liquid magnesium is directly available and can therefore be better absorbed by the body. When taken daily as a food supplement, the body is supplied with sufficient magnesium to support healthy metabolism.

  • Ready to drink immediately
  • Is very well absorbed by the body
  • With orange taste


Adults and teenagers from 12 years of age drink 1 bottle daily.


Water, orange juice concentrate, magnesium citrate, agave syrup, acidity regulator, lactic acid, preservatives sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, sweetener sucralose orange flavor, vitamin B6, antioxidant alpha tocopherol.