Product picture of Dr. Hauschka Face oil 18ml
Product picture of Dr. Hauschka Face oil 18mlProduct picture of Dr. Hauschka Face oil 18ml

Dr. Hauschka Face oil 18ml

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Dr. Hauschka Facial Oil is a regulating day care product that restores the balance of oily and impure skin. The composition with carrot, almond oil, calendula and neem provides regulating care and helps reduce inflammation. The precious oil extracts also help the skin to normalise its sebum production and the pores refine.

  • With pipette


In the morning, after cleansing and strengthening the skin with face wash cream and facial tonic, distribute evenly over the face and neck for clarification. For combination skin, the face milk in combination with the face oil is the ideal day care. Simply mix both products in your hand and apply (leave out the eye area).


Extract of kidney vetch, apricot kernel oil, almond oil, peanut oil, extracts of carrot and St. John's wort, sunflower oil, extract of marigold, wheat germ oil, extract of neem leaves, jojoba oil, wheat bran extract, essential oils, lecithin, cocoa butter.

Oil for oily skin?

Dr Hauschka works according to the principle of similarity. The skin is signalled that it is already sufficiently supplied with fat and that its own production should be slowed down.