Product picture of Tepe Good Tongue Cleaner
Product picture of Tepe Good Tongue Cleaner

Tepe Good Tongue Cleaner

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This tongue cleaner is part of the TePe GOOD™ product line, which is almost entirely made of bio-based plastic and is therefore 95% carbon neutral. It is made entirely from sugar cane using green energy.

The tongue cleaner removes bacterial plaque from the tongue and thus improves mung health. It also helps to prevent bad breath.

The design has been created to follow the natural shape of the tongue, reducing the gag reflex. The shape allows and facilitates reaching far into the oral cavity. The tongue cleaner has three slightly raised cleaning blades, which have a triple action. This allows the bacteria to be removed with just one pull.

The GOOD tongue cleaner is dishwasher safe.


Place the tongue cleaner as far back as possible and pull it forward. 1 to 2 pulls are recommended.