Ladycup Plum Size S

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  • Replaces tampons and bandages which cause senseless costs and waste
  • The vaginal flora is no longer dried out (especially at the end of the days)
  • The susceptibility to fungi and infections is significantly reduced because the vaginal flora remains neutral
  • CHEAP! Reinvestment of the purchase price after already 4 months
  • Very hygienic! On the smooth surface bacteria have a hard time to adhere at all
  • the most modern product in feminine hygiene
  • maximum protection for up to 12 hours - then rinse briefly and clean again
  • does not have to be emptied when "woman" has to go to the WC
  • absolutely odourless
  • easy care (please do not store airtight!)
  • environmentally friendly - if used correctly, the life span is up to 10 years
  • extremely flexible, can be used day and night and for all sports and travel
  • made of high-quality German medical silicone for exclusive use in the medical and food industry
  • Production in Prague. High European quality
  • LadyCup is also suitable for women who suffer from eczema or an allergy to tampons or latex material