Product picture of Puressentiel Anti-Stitch Duo Pack Babies
Product picture of Puressentiel Anti-Stitch Duo Pack Babies

Puressentiel Anti-Stitch Duo Pack Babies

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The Puressentiel Anti-Bite Duo Pack Baby consists of a repellent spray to protect against mosquitoes or ticks and a roll-on to soothe insect bites.

The Puressentiel Anti-Bite Repellent Spray Baby has been specially developed for temperate climates but also for tropical zones and high-risk areas. The spray is suitable for the whole family, but the child should not be under 6 months. Puressentiel's repellent spray works for 7 hours against mosquitoes, ticks, tiger mosquitoes and sandflies and leaves a fresh, pleasant smell on the skin. The formulation is based on the derivative of the essential oil Lemon Eucalyptus.

The Puressentiel Anti-Bite Multi-soothing Roll-On Organic has been formulated with 11 natural essential oils. This formulation soothes itchy and irritated insect bites or skin irritations caused by plants. Thanks to the integrated application ball, further relief can be created with light circular movements. Puressentiel's Multi-soothing Roll-On is suitable for ages 3 and up and has been dermatologically tested.

  • Formulated with natural essential oils
  • For high-risk areas as well as tropical zones or temperate climates
  • Ideal for family travel