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XL-S Medical Tea Stick 90 pieces

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XL-S Medical Tea is a tea for general weight management and contains a combination of Litramine and Japanese Matcha tea. Litramine is a patented fibre complex of natural and organic origin. Litramine binds up to 28% of ingested dietary fat and ensures its elimination. The fibres contained in Litramine expand and form a thick gel, this slows down the emptying of the stomach and balances the blood sugar level. This also reduces appetite and cravings for food. The fibres also have a positive effect on normal gastrointestinal function.

XL-S Medical Tea helps you lose weight three times faster than dieting alone.

  • Proven to bind dietary fats
  • Controls appetite and food cravings
  • Improves digestion
  • Can be used over a longer period of time
  • Package contains 3 packs of 30 sticks each


  • Adults: In the morning, at noon and in the evening, immediately after a meal, put one sachet into a cup with almost boiling water (approx. 250ml) and stir well.
  • The sachet can also be taken when skipping a meal.
  • The sachet can also be mixed with cold water as a refreshing alternative.


The fibre complex tends to settle at the bottom. In order to achieve the full effect, the tea should be stirred well and drunk completely.

After reaching the target weight, XL-S Medical Tea can continue to be taken in order to maintain the weight. For example, after a high-calorie meal.


Litramine (from prickly pear), Matcha powder, maltodextrin