Product picture of Bilasto Uno Tennis/Golfarm Bandage S-XL with Velcro

Bilasto Uno Tennis/Golfarm Bandage S-XL with Velcro

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The Bilasto Uno Tennis/Golfarm Bandage can be used to treat and prevent tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) or golf elbow (medial epicondylitis). The compression of the bandage is distributed through a pad from the elbow to the surrounding soft tissues. The pad provides a massage effect.

  • Universal size: S-XL
  • Elbow circumference: 21-34cm
  • Individually adjustable compression by Velcro closure (Velcro closure)
  • Full freedom of movement (open toe and heel)
  • Can be used right and left


Before using the bandage, the type and duration of use should be determined with a medical specialist. If an ointment is applied to the same area, wait 30 minutes before putting it on.

Care advice

Wash with mild detergent at a maximum temperature of 35 degrees. Do not rub or squeeze when washing by hand. Do not allow the product to dry on a radiator, do not iron, do not lighten and do not dry-clean.


65% aeroprene, 15% cotton, 20% polyester, plastic buckle