Product picture of Canesten Hygienic laundry washer 250ml
Product picture of Canesten Hygienic laundry washer 250ml

Canesten Hygienic laundry washer 250ml

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The Canesten Hygienic Laundry Rinser can be used as a supplement to any fungal treatment or for prevention. Since only washing temperatures above 60°C reliably kill the fungal pathogens and bacteria, Canesten Laundry Rinsers can be used at low temperatures.

  • Also effective with cold water
  • Gentle to the fibres (can also be used for sensitive fabrics)
  • Good skin compatibility


Can be used for washing machine or hand wash.

  • Washing machine: Place 4-6 caps in the fabric softener compartment.
  • Hand wash: 3 caps to 10 litres at the last rinse. Let the laundry soak in for a short time.


If a family or household member suffers from a skin fungus infection, it must be expected that fungal spores can be found on carpets and in linen (e.g. underwear, socks, bed linen and pyjamas). In order to avoid a renewed infection, or the infection of other family and household members, the laundry should be washed at least 60°C.