Product picture of ThermaCare Back cover 6 pieces
Product picture of ThermaCare Back cover 6 pieces

ThermaCare Back cover 6 pieces

The ThermaCare Back Wrap with 6 adjustable wraps helps relieve tension in the lower back. All ThermaCare plasters contain natural ingredients which react when they come into contact with air and generate heat (when the airtight packaging is opened). The self-heating plaster can be used for chronic and occasional lower back pain. After a half-hour warm-up time, the patch reliably warms the affected area for 8 hours at around 40 degrees, all the way down. The warmth improves the blood supply to the muscle and provides it with sufficient nutrients, thus relieving tension and cramps. The plaster contains no medicines, is odourless and, thanks to the elastic material and Velcro fastener, can be adjusted to any size.

  • Deep heat relieves tension
  • Warms for 8 hours
  • Without medicinal substances
  • Odourless
  • Thin, inconspicuous under clothing
  • Adjustable


  • As needed
  • The wrap should be worn continuously for at least 3 hours and up to 8 hours for ideal effect.


  • Do not open airtight packaging until shortly before use
  • From the age of about 55, wear the patch over thin clothing and not while sleeping.
  • Do not combine the patch with liniment, other patches or other sources of heat.
  • Use only on healthy, intact skin.
  • Do not use on bruises or swelling.
  • In the presence of diabetes, circulatory disorders, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis or during pregnancy, consult a doctor before use.


Iron powder, salt, activated charcoal and water.

Customer ratings
  • Very goodSeptember 16th, 2020 -

    Ich leide oft an Kreuzschmerzen. Da ich gut auf Wärme reagiere ist dieses Produkt wie für mich geschaffen. Wunderbar!