Product picture of Hemoclin Gel 37g
Product picture of Hemoclin Gel 37gProduct picture of Hemoclin Gel 37g

Hemoclin Gel 37g

HemoClin Gel is a medicinal product of plant origin (from Aloe Barbadensis extract) for the prevention and treatment of anal discomfort. The gel quickly relieves symptoms such as itching, burning and hypersensitivity caused by haemorrhoidal disease and other anal discomfort. These can be triggered by frequent constipation, spicy food, obesity, etc. Haemorrhoids and anal discomfort are particularly common during and after pregnancy.

HemoClin Gel is a fat-free, colourless and odourless hydrogel. In addition to the tube with gel, the pack contains a conventional, unscrewable applicator. The gel can also be applied without an applicator.

  • For the prevention and treatment of haemorrhoids, fissures and other anal complaints.
  • Immediately cools and soothes irritation, itching, burning and hypersensitivity in the anal area.
  • Supports the natural healing process of anal discomfort as the bioactive ingredient 2QR inhibits harmful microorganisms.
  • Cares for and moisturises the tissue.
  • Noticeably facilitates defecation due to its lubricating effect.


Hemoclin Gel can be used with the finger or with the applicator. Rinse the applicator with warm water after use.

Customer ratings
  • GoodMai 17th, 2019 -

    Lindert etwas den Schmerz. Gut einsetzbar bei der Schwangerschaft und der Stillzeit.